Please enter all values in numbers of fish or feet as appropriate. If you have no fish of a particular size, you must enter a "Zero" in that cell for the calculator to work. Please see "How to use the fish Load calculator"

Fish length is the distance between the fish's nose to the point where the tail fin begins.

For a discussion of fish loads click "Here"

Number of 2" fish-----:

Number 0f 3" fish-----:

Number of 6" fish-----:

Number of 8" fish-----:

Number of 10" fish----:

Number of 12" fish----:

Number of 15" fish----:

Number of 20" fish----:

Number of 25" fish----:

Number of 30" fish----:

Average Pond Length:

Average Pond Width :

Pounds of Fish in your pool: pounds.

Pool Surface Area: square feet.

Maximum Fish Load for Your Pool: pounds.

(Assumes working bio-filter and aereation systems)

Recommended Fish load for Your Pool: pounds.

(Assumes possibility of periodic power outages of less than 24 hours affecting biofilter and aereation during hot weather)

Safe Fish Load for Your Pool: pounds.

(Safe level Fish Load with no biofilter or aereation)

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