After deciding to replace the Craftsman Air compressor I inherited from my father ( he bought it in 1948), I noticed while passing through a Target store the Durabilt compressor for only $89 dollars, including a stapler/nailer, and on impulse, bought it. Of course, as with any product, there were a few things I would have liked different, so I have made a few modifications. First, this is what the compressor lookded like:

You will notice the lack of front wheels, the low handle that require one to bend over to drag the compressor around, the lack of tool storage, etc.

So, the first modification was to install casters where the rubber blocks were, making it easier to pull the compressor around.

Next, since I broke off two air intake filters because of the idiotic design and the ease with which the small filter snapped off, I added a stiff wire "filter guard".

Next, to prevent back trouble from bending over to grasp the handle. I soldered some copper fittings and 3/4 copper pipe to extend the handle.

To add tool strorage, I bolted on a plastic Folgers coffee container and a small hook.

Here is the modified compressor:

The result is a much more "user friendly" tool.


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Last modified on April 30. 2008