Garden Endeavors


There are lots of rolling garden stools on the market. Some are good, some are lacking. Many years ago, long before there were any rolling garden stools available commercially, my father came up with his own version. Here is my assessment of some of the alternatives: first, is the "three wheeler". It is perhaps the worst of the lot, susceptable to easily turning over.

Next is one that is pretty good, with storage space inside.

The Ames stool also has internal storage, but must be reinforced to avoid spreading under weight. The added threaded rod is shown.

Lastly, my father's answer to the rolling stool problem, the "Baksaver".

His design, from many years prior, was featured in the "Backyard Builder" of the Rodale Press publication of 1985:

The photo of the Baksaver, taken recently, is one that was built by my father at least 30 years ago. Of course, it is much easier to buy one of the commercial units than to build your own, but the original Baksaver is still my favorite.



Last modified on June 27, 2008