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Disappearing Fountain

A "disappearing" fountain is a nice focal point and relaxing component of any garden. The bubbling water fountain is pleasing to the eye and ears and as the water cascades over the sides it "disappears" into the ground. Actually, of course, the water is recirculated through a pump and back up into the fountain. Here's how to build one:

First assemble the parts you will need:

1 all purpose super mixing tub (Mortar tub, about $13)

1 fountain pump 70 to 200 gph

Silicone II sealant

1 tall pot with drain hole in bottom

Old refrigerator shelving(free at local refrigerator disposal/recycle center)

Small piece of plastic tubing to fit pump outlet.

Two hose clamps.

1/2" copper tubing or pipe for standpipe.

12 bricks or brick halves


Dig a hole large enough to bury the tub. Wire together the refrigerator shelving so that it will fit just inside the tub. Place the bricks in the tub so that they will support the shelving a half inch below the tub edge. Place the pump in the tub feeding the plastic tubing through the shelving and attach the copper standpipe. (Note: a better idea than what I did: cut a large enough hole in the shelving grid to allow the whole pump to fit through, that way if the pump needs service, you won't have to remove all of the rocks, just lift the pot.) Seal the hole in the pot bottom with the silicone II caulking and allow to sit overnight before proceeding. Fill the tub and pot with water, hide the power cord under the rocks and mulch (A good idea is to cover it with something for protection, such as a section of pvc pipe cut in half lengthwise). Plug into a GFCI protected circuit. You may want to adjust the standpipe height, either by cutting it shorter or adding to it's length, in order to produce the effect you desire. If you have a drip irrigation system, run a tube to the tub and set it to add a little water every day for evaporation. A little bleach in the water will keep it clear.

Here is a cross section of the fountain assembly:

And a few more pictures:

To see a video of the Disappearing fountain, Click this link: Fountain



Last modified on June 4, 2007

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